New Technologies Bring Customer’s Higher Savings

The wave of new technologies is bringing customer’s higher savings in energy and cost per kilowatt in their homes. Many of these new technologies provide the use and administration of equipment’s through smartphone apps. These appliances and systems will communicate with each other giving you more control over them without being present at your home.

Here are some of those elements in your home that can help you save money.

Smart  Thermostats

With the newer thermostats models, they can be programmed to adjust the temperature when they sense you are present. And once you leave, they can kick back to standby mode so that you’re saving energy and money. Nest does all of this, and it also allows to check your usage from your cell phone so that you can adjust the temperature remotely and save even more.

Solar Panels

One of the best choices today is renewable energy. By using the power of the sun you can save money in the long term. There are many trends investment opportunities today that can make you be skeptical about reducing your bill but in reality it can lower your bill and it will increase the value of your home.

Also with the help of special government programs you will have the opportunity to lower the cost of the installation or $0 depending on your location.

Smart lighting systems and light bulbs

A well-lit home feels warm and welcoming, and good lighting can instantly increase the value of your home. It also accounts for the overall annual cost of electrical bill to about 12% or over $200 per year. You can reduce this expense and increase efficiency by using a smart lighting technology like Philips Hue.

The Philips Hue is a wifi-enabled lighting system which is easy to add to your home without installing specialized equipment. Smart lighting dimmers and sensors can give you more control over how much energy you use and allow you to turn them on and off through your smart phone.

You can also add to your system Lifx LED light bulbs, a new smart light bulb that can give you control over the warmth or coolness levels of your lighting. It can be programmed to turn on or off when you want, to slowly wake you up with increasing illumination.

With the use of some or all of these technologies you can increase you savings and a better living in your home.